Fiberglass hot tubs

Fiberglass hot tubs

The fiberglass hot tub is made of one piece fiberglass what makes tub‘s surface soft, smooth and pleasant to touch. This hot tub heats up faster and requires less water (you can save around 500litres of water per each session).

The fiberglass hot tub is for people who are not keen on spending an extra time on cleaning the standard wooden hot tub. It can be cleaned with either plain water or chemicals – this will not affect its surface. The fiberglass hot tub is easy to maintain and also very hygienic. With fiberglass hot tub you will not need to worry about keeping the water in the tub as the wood doesn’t dry up.

Each tub is custom made – you can choose the type and color of cover wood, fiberglass tub color, the type of heater and other accessories you want.

A fiberglass hot tub is a durable product that does not generate any additional investment or expense.

  • Fiberglass tub 1,80m inside diameter, outside 2,00m for 6-7 persons, high 0,95m (except BURRA hot tubs are 1,06m high)
  • Fiberglass tub color – blue, gray, white, black
  • Marine aluminum or stainless steel heater with 2m chimney and cap and ash shovel
  • Drain valve
  • Wooden tub sidings (you can choose color) (Siberian spruce 18mm thickness)
  • Wooden two-step stairs
  • 24 months warranty
  • Thermo wood
  • Round stairs
  • Fiberglass other colors of RAL pallet
  • Fiberglass hot tub cover
  • Additional 1m chimney for heater
  • Chimney heat protection
  • Stainless steel strips around tub 2pcs
  • Powerful water massage system 6 – 8 jets
  • Powerful air massage system 12 jets
  • LED color lighting
  • Wooden paddle
  • Insulation
  • Thermometer

We’ll like to provide a number of tips and advice for the placement and use of hot tub and possible maintenance.

Hot tub placement: we do not recommend place the tub on sand or grass. Have in mind that as soon as you enter the bath with several people, water can run over the edge. This water will have to drain in a good way. It is better to place the tub on a flat, horizontal and solid surface (wooden outdoor terrace, sidewalk tiles or decorative tiles, concrete or paved ground). If the product is placed improperly the tub may lose its firmness, stability or even aesthetic appearance. Please notice, that smoke extraction can bother the neighbours or the neighbourhood so pick the best place for tub that it would be a pleasure for everyone.

Cleaning hot tub and filling water: Before using the tub it should be neatly cleaned (plastic or fiberglass hot tubs are suitable for bath or pool cleanser). After cleaning the tub can be filled with water. Add enough water to leave 10 cm from the top of the tub. Only then can the heater be used – the aluminium heater is exclusively built to work under water. It is recommended to change the water weekly. Use of chlorine is not permitted in the tub – chlorine and aluminium and some stainless steels do not mix. Don’t forget to clean the stove every 3-5 fires with a special swab over the top of the stove. It is recommended to impregnate the wooden finish of the hot tub at least once a year.

Heating hot tub: Fill the stove lightly with some kindling wood (fir boards, pallet wood) and a little cardboard. Make sure the heater gets enough air. When the fire is on, more firewood can be added. Dry firewood is recommended for heating the hot tub. Fill the heater with some regularity and prevent too much wood sticking in the stove. When warming up we recommend to mix the water frequently with a paddle.  Important notes:

  • for INTERNAL, BURRA and K/ALI heater no more than 2/3 of the stove can be filled with firewood
  • for INTEGRA heater do not add too much firewood to prevent fire break through the door and keep thrust through the chimney
  • keep in mind that as long as the hot tub does not have the right amount of water, it is not possible fire on the heater – the heat will damage the tub
  • water can only be drained from the tub when the stove is cooled down completely. Otherwise heat will damage the tub and the heater

Hot tub during frost periods and massage system: we strongly recommend you to empty the bath in frost periods. If the water around the heater freezes, this could damage the heater. To prevent too long heating times, it is sometimes advisable to fill the bath with warm water during cold season. The heating time can therefore also be limited to approx. 1-1.5 hours in the winter. During the cold season after tub is filled with water the massage system can only be turned on after the water has warmed up to +30 degrees. Please turn on the massage system for about 30 seconds after water is drained from the tub in order to remove water from massage system.

Fiberglass hot tub with INTEGRA 30 KW heater

Fiberglass hot tub with INTERNAL 25 KW heater

Fiberglass hot tub with BURRA 30 KW heater

Fiberglass hot tub with K/ALI 30 KW heater